Donna & Dennis McMorris

The cattle industry has always been a part of our farming operation. Previously, we purchased purebred Charolais bulls to use in our commercial herd. We all have dreams and sometimes dreams become a reality. Our dream was to own a purebred Charolais cattle herd. Our interest was captured when we were told about a specialized cattle sale in Alberta, called Red Bonanza. Once we saw the Red Factor Charolais cattle it became CRYSTAL clear as to the pathway that we would pursue in the development of our purebred Charolais herd.

Our next plan of action was to "colour up" our existing Charolais herd. We thus began breeding "Red Factor" genetics.

After 10 years of intense selecting and breeding, our purebred herd is definitely red factor. As we visually examine our current herd, the dream and desire to have purebred Red Factor Charolais has become a reality. Our herd is composed of 140 Red Factor purebreds. How red is red? Double Red, Triple Red, and Four Generations Red. The herd sires that we use are all red factor and all the females (cows and heifers, purebred and commercial) are all bred to Purebred Red Factor Charolais herdsires.

Our Vision, Mission and Value Statement reflects our desire to develop a business plan with cattlemen nationally and internationally by promoting the following:

• Purebred outcross pedigrees with Red Factor Genetics
• Exportable Red Factor Genetic Semen
• Female Flusing Programs with Red Factor Genetics
• Feeder/Finishing on farm programs with Red Factor Genetics

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