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Eastern Select Sale

April 14, 2018 Campbellford, ON
…………………………Gross Average
3 Two Year Old Bulls $14,200 $4,733
11 Yearling Bulls          42,700   3,881
14 Bulls                      $56,900 $4,064

3 Cow/calf Pairs         $12,150 $4,050
4 Open Heifers             12,250   3,062
7 Females                   $24,400 $3,486

High Selling Two Year Old Bull
Lot 25, TKC Mr. True North 23D, sired by McTavish True North 113B. Sold for $5,600 to Dave Linton, Hastings. Consigned by Triple K Charolais, Napanee.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 39, Sharodon Empire 1E, sired by Sharodon Tulo 14C. Sold for $5,200 to John Quinlon, Norwood. Consigned by Sharodon Charolais, Omemee.

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 17, Sunrise Scarlet 19B, sired by HC Yourman 137Y. Sold for $4,100 to Triple K Charolais. Consigned by Macks Charolais, Campbellford.

High Selling Yearling Heifer
Lot 29, TKC Miss Taffy 132D, sired by McTavish True North 113B. Sold for $3,700 to Valley Charolais, Shawville, QC. Consigned by Triple K Charolais.

Cedardale Bull Sale

April 21, 2018 Nestleton, ON
…………………….Gross Average
23 Yearling Bulls $125,400 $5,450

High Selling Bull
Lot 16, Cedardale End Game 60E, sired by Cedardale Zeal 125Z. Sold for $10,000 to Fern Charolais, Fassett, QC & Beck Farms, Lang, SK.


Saunders Bull Sale

April 7, 2018 Keady, ON
…………………………Gross Average
27 1/2 Yearling Bulls $199,150 $7,070

High Selling Bulls
Lot 52, JSR Estrada 52E, sired by Pleasant Dawn Chisum 216A. Sold for $26,000 to Char-Maine Ranching, Cardston, AB.

Lot 53, JSR Eliminator 53E, sired by Rawes Duke 401B. Sold for $13,000 to Kevin Frieburger, Walkerton.

High Point Bull Sale

March 31, 2018 Stayner, ON
…………………….Gross Average
31 Yearling Bulls $152,900 $4,932

High Selling Bull
Lot 25, Sunrise Edwardo 23E, sired by CML Distinction 318A. Sold for $6,600 to Randy Pendleton, Mulmur. Consigned by Sunrise Charolais, Stayner.

Cornerview Bull Sale

March 24, 2018 Cobden, ON
…………………….Gross Average
21 Yearling Bulls $106,700 $5,080

High Selling Bulls
Lot 15, Cornerview Edison 15E, sired by Circle Cee Legend 307A. Sold for $7,100 to Kevin Frieburger, Elmwood, ON.

Lot 42, Cornerview Hemi 42E, sired by McTavish Hallelujah 79B. Sold for $7,100 to Stephane & Christian Merenger, Gatineau, QC.

Rollin’ Acres/Whiskey Hollow Bull Sale

March 17, 2018 Hanover, ON
…………………….Gross Average
29 Yearling Bulls $163,550 $5,640

High Selling Bull
Lot 15,Rollin Acres Emmett 37E, sired by SCF You Betcha 94Y.Sold for $16,000 to George McCall, Annan. Consigned by Rollin’ Acres Charolais, Shelburne.

Benchmark Bull Sale

March 10, 2018 Cobden, ON
……………………..Gross Average
29 Yearling Bulls $119,500 $4,120

High Selling Bulls
Lot 7, Blackbern Elevation 8E, sired by Rosso Double Down 7Z. Sold for $6,900 to James Wagar, Gananoque. Consigned by Blackbern Farms, Foresters Falls.

Lot 4, Blackbern Enforcer 1E, sired by HRJ Bulletproof 1E. Sold for $6,700 to Gary Whitford, Ingleside. Consigned by Blackbern Farms.

M & L Cattle Co. Bull Sale

March 2, 2018 Indian River, ON
………………………….Gross Average
10 Two-Year Old Bulls $68,050 $6,805
18 Yearling Bulls          101,150   5,619
28 Lots                       $169,200 $6,043

6 Heifer Calves $23,250 $3,875
1 Semen Lot         2,450   2,450
2 Flushes              6,500   3,250
1 Embryo Lot        1,250   1,250
Total Sale Gross $202,650

High Selling Two-Year Old Bull
Lot 16, M&L 59D, sired by M&L Toulon 311A. Sold for $12,500 to Wilkie Charolais, Big Valley, AB.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 6, M&L White Knight 13E, sired by Silverstream Performer P38. Sold for $15,000 to Wilkie Charolais.

The OCA Recognition Award was presented to the Ontario Charolais Fieldman: John Mielhausen

Brishlanton/Cornerview, Sunrise Win Toronto

Grand Champion Female of the Toronto (ON) Royal Show, November 3rd was Echo Springs Worthwhile 60C, sired by PCFL Chieftan 25X and her TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775ET bull calf at side, exhibited by Brishlanton Farm, Lucknow. Judge Allan Marshall, Innisfail, AB then selected JSR Mystique 17Y sired by Shelco Made Easy 512R and her Rawes Duke 401B bull calf at side, exhibited by Saunders Charolais, Markdale as Reserve Grand Champion Female. Grand Champion Bull of this 74 entry show was Cornerview Dashboard 39D, sired by SVY Monument Pld 159Y, exhibited by Cornerview Charolais, Cobden & Sunrise Charolais, Stayner. Reserve Grand Champion Bull was MVY Caous 64D, sired by TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET, exhibited by Rollin’ Acres Charolais, Shelburne; Dudgeon-Snobelen Land & Cattle, Ripley & McAvoy Charolais, Arelee, SK.


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