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Pleasant Dawn Charolais 19th Annual Bull Sale - Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 2:00 p.m.


December 8, 2020 ~ Virden, MB

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website. We know our cows' dominant traits and breed each one with a lot of thought process. It doesn't always work out as planned but I love the challenge of striving to reach the most profitable animal with the least amount of work. Our cows must calve on their own and calves must get up and suck on their own. The bulls we use leave us with those type of females. We also strive for earlier gestation for calving ease, and increase length of spine for a lot of extra pounds and select herd sires that must muscle up! Most of the herd sires we have used are Homozygous polled and a lot of our calves are too. We tested a few bulls, and 15 out of 18 were Homozygous polled.

With everybody's work load getting more and more every year we decided to have the sale on the farm this year. Our location is easy access and lots of parking. The sale will be a video sale and is online. I do recommend people log on early and really check the bulls out and mark your catalogue when looking at bulls. I do make trips both west and east every year as Dad stays home and takes care of things for me. So don't worry about delivery. The last few years all across Canada, the Charolais influence calves have brought a premium price. Take advantage of Pleasant Dawn genetics to get the most profits from your calves. Take a look at our EPDs, most are below average for birth weight and above average for weaning, yearling and maternal traits.

We really count it a privilege and a blessing to meet so many great cattle men and women. We always learn alot from visiting with you! The sale is at 2 pm Manitoba time. Please come early for a complimentary lunch and view our pens of bulls. We appreciate all our customers and we really look forward to seeing and visiting with you!

Trent, Ashley & Family

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