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2012 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale
2011 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale
2010 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale
2009 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale
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2007 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale

2010 Cattleman's Classic Bull Sale

The bulls in this year’s sale were once again fed a home crushed, oats based ration with a complete mineral package from CO-OP feeds. They were also provided with free choice hay that was changed regularly to enhance hay consumption. We feel this years consignments are an example of what we have been striving to raise here since 1986; thick, easy doing bulls with built in calving ease. To view our program make sure you visit us online at

NMF 925W


TRI-N Payday X TRI-N Friendly 403P ( Belmonts Indianna)

12 March 2009

BW: 94 205 DW: 895 Jan. 16 wt: 1345

BW -0.1 WW 48 YW 85 M 21.9 TM 46

Double Red, Double PLD

Sales feature! Johnny Rocket 925W is the type of bull that will turn your head 10 times out of 9! He is a very hairy, deep and long bodied bull with eye appeal that goes back to one of our foundation females, Miss Bounty 1D. 1D produced until the age of 14 years and raised our commercial herd 4 herdbulls. His mother, 403P is one of our top cows that has never thrown us a white calf to date and always produces a calf that is at the top of the pen. Combine that with his 94 lb. birthweight and his 895 lb. 205 DW, this herdsire prospect has built in calving ease and performance to burn. If you are looking for a herdsire that will take your herd to a new direction then take a look at Jonny Rocket, he will not disappoint. TestedLeptin TT positive. ADG: 4.09 WPDA: 4.32.
Selling ¾ interest and full possession.

1/2 sister to 925W - 37S

NMF 931W


DBAR Survivor X KCH Mailbu 1M (Baldridge Fasttrack)

15 March 2009

BW: 96 205 DW: 877 Jan 16 wt: 1493

BW 1.8 WW 53 YW 91 M 22.8 TM 50

4 th Generation PLD

Herdbull alert! Instant Access 931W is an exceptional bull that is sure to turn all heads on sale day. This bull has an explosion of potential. Strong topped, big hipped, hair, depth, feet, testicles and temperment- this bull has it all. He is sired by the former national champion bull, DBAR Survivor out of the tremendous homozygous polled Malibu cow. Malibu has produced us six bull calves in a row and every one of them has been at the top of the pen and made herdsires. Her average 205 DW produced was 880 lbs after being mated with four different bulls and all have been born under 99 lbs. A full brother sold to Routledge Stock Farms and a maternal brother was a finalist at the Keystone Connection Bull Show. Study his pedigree and see his mother, he is what he is by no accident. ADG: 5.60 WPDA: 4.85

Selling ¾ interest and full possession.

NMF 183T a full brother to 931W

KCM 1M, dam of 931W

NMF 901W

TRI-N Cattlelac Jack 901W

Nobleman X Hopewell Erin 150L (Allen Amigo Sunrise)

DOB: Feb. 1, 2009
BW: 102 lbs. 205 DW: 852 January 16 wt.: 1310

BW: 1.0 WW: 37 YW: 79 M: 30.8 TM: 49

Double red, 3 rd generation PLD


Wow what a bull! Here he is boys a dark, double red herdsire prospect that has exceptional length, capacity and deep hind quarter all in a moderate framed package. His mother was our pick of the Hopewell Dispersal where she was one of the high selling pairs and had the second high selling bull calf at side. Keep every female out of this guy as his mother is picture perfect alongside with him being in the top 1% of the breed for his milk EPD. Cattlac Jack was part of our Ag Days Display and generated phenomenal interest. ADG: 4.16 lbs/day WPDA: 3.73.

Tri N Payday, sire of 453W

NMF 453W

TRI-N Payday X TRI-N Elli Mai 253M (TRI-N Super Jammer 7J)

19 February 2009

BW: 104 lbs. 205 DW: 853 Jan. 16 wt: 1354
BW1.7 WW 47 YW 85 M 22.7 TM 46

Double red, 3 rd generation PLD

Heatseeker 453W is a double red, solid performance bull in a larger framed package. Use this guy on Angus cows. He will sire those high performing Charolais calves that are consistently topping the market. ADG: 4.55 WPDA: 4.07.

NMF 908W


Val-End Appraiser x TRI-N Marlene 408P(SDC Progress)

20 February 2009

BW: 100 Jan. 16 wt: 1170

BW 1.0 WW 32 YW 62 M 22.1 TM 38

4 th generation PLD


Accessor 908W is a moderate framed, easy doing bull with tremendous length of body. He is sired by Appraiser, which sired the high selling red factor bull in Manitoba in 2009 to Valleys End and Bremner Charolais. His mother is a heavy milking, faultless Progress daughter. Make sure you check him out on sale day, he will not disappoint.

NMF 915W


TRI-N Payday x TRI-N Cream of the Crop 27H (Blizzard)

1 March 2009

BW: 96 lbs. 205 DW: 861 Jan. 16 wt: 1281

BW 2.1 WW 47 YW 82 M 25.6 TM 49

Red, 3 rd generation PLD/S

Like his name suggests, Direct Deposit is sure to be a money maker! He is sired by Payday which has consistently been throwing us thick, easy doing bulls with style and calving ease. His mother is still producing at twelve years of age and always calves the same time every year. Direct Deposits dam produced the Miss Munroe and Prairie Rose cow families, which has been responsible for consistently producing us herdbulls year after year. If you are looking for a bull with style and substance out of a proven cow family, take a look at Direct Deposit. ADG: 3.82 WPDA 3.97.

NMF 918W


SOS Crimson Tide X TRI-N Koreen 410P (Progress)

10 March 2009

BW: 100 205 DW: 856 Jan. 16 wt: 1280

BW 1.6 WW 48 YW 88 M 20.3 TM 44

Double Red, 4 th generation PLD/S

Here he is boys! A double red, Crimson Tide son that is sure to impress. Almost Famous 918W has the depth, thickness, testicle and consistency that is very difficult to find in a dark red package. A ¾ brother is working in the Springer Charolais herd. A maternal brother sold to Dennis Toms last year. We are very confident 918W is homozygous red. On sale day make sure you check him out, it will be well worth your time.
ADG: 3.85 WPDA: 4.09.

NMF 927W


TRI-N Payday X XPB Cigar 26L

17 March 2009

BW: 101 205 DW: 785 Jan 16 wt: 1378

BW 1.7 WW 44 YW 82 M 22.6 TM 44

If you like your bulls long, deep, and wide with an excellent foot I would recommend Captain Morgan. Check out his well balanced EPD’s and his 1378 lb. weight on January 16 th. His mother is a young Cigar daughter that we are confident will be a top cow in the future. You will admire him for his smooth front end and overall balance and body type. ADG: 5.39 WPDA: 4.50.

NMF 930W


SDC Laredo X TRI-N Miss Munroe 244M (TRI-N Super Jammer)

14 March 2009

BW: 92 205 DW: 822 Jan. 16 wt: 1210

BW -1.9 WW 41 YW 80 M 26.6 TM 47

3 rd generation PLD, Red

As his name describes him, Widescreen is as wide as a freight train with plenty of hair and length of body. His sire, Laredo consistently sires thick, easy doing, long bodied, wide topped progeny with excellent feet and legs. For these reasons his sons have been very popular by both commercial and purebred breeders. 930W is out of the faultless 244M cow that is one of our top cows in the herd. A full brother was the fourth high selling bull last year at $5100 going to the Dennis Toms herd. WPDA: 3.94

NMF 936W


SOS Crimson Tide X TRI-N Reba 93T (SDC Laredo)

19 March 2009

BW: 99 205 DW: 852 Jan 16 wt: 1150

BW 3.0 WW 45 YW 89 M 20.7 TM 43

Red, 3 rd generation PLD

Here is a 3 rd generation polled, thick Crimson Tide son out of a top Laredo daughter. Collateral Damage comes to you with an exceptional side profile, full hind quarter and excellent testicular development. If you are looking for a bull to make your cattle more moderate or keep some replacements out of, this bull has a load of maternal power.

NMF 938W


TRI-N Payday X TRI-N Rationelle 26R (TRI-N Super Jammer)

19 March 2009

BW: 90 205 DW: 883 Jan 16 wt: 1325

 BW -2.0 WW 49 YW 88 M 23.8 TM 48

Red, 3 rd generation PLD

Herdbull deluxe! Digger Dan 938W has been one of our pen favourites this year. Having an only 90 lb. birthweight, with a 205 DW of 883 and a January 16 wt. of 1325, this bull has performance to burn! Notice his BW EPD of -2. Digger Dan is a stoutly made, wide topped individual with hair and presence. He is out of a top Jammer daughter. The Jammer daughters are extremely heavy milking females that always bring in a large calf every year no matter what they are mated to. On sale day look for Digger Dan, he will be a money maker. ADG: 4.02 WPDA: 4.36

NMF 946W


SOS Crimson Tide X TRI-N Prairie Rose 401P (Red Ace)

21 March 2009

BW: 103 205 DW: 814 Jan 16 wt: 1274

BW 1.3 WW 41 YW 83 M 27.9 TM 48

3 rd generation PLD/S


Look at the natural thickness, hair and length in this top Crimson Tide son. Ace in the Hole 946W is a maternal brother to TRI-N Prairie Rosebud 37S, the 2008 Heart of Canada Champion Female and the dam of Cracker Jack. Cracker Jack was the high selling red factor bull in Manitoba in 2009 and sold to Valleys End Ranch and Bremner Charolais. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase some of the most predictable, proven genetics out there. ADG: 4.18 WPDA: 4.22.

NMF 947W


TRI-N Payday X TRI-N Valentine 53J (YL13)

21 March 2009

BW: 102 205 DW: 768 Jan 16 wt: 1270

BW -0.1 WW 42 YW 85 M 27.2 TM 48

Double PLD

Here is a very long bodied bull with an exceptional top and hind quarter with tonnes of hair. His mother produced a herdbull a few years ago that is working in the Ron McDonald Charolais herd. If you are looking to add some performance into your cowherd without sacrificing calving ease take a look at Ricky Bobby.
ADG: 4.56 WPDA: 4.21.

NMF 948W


TRI-N Payday x TRI-N Buffy 6R ( Laredo)

March 2009

BW: 97 205 DW: 798 Jan 16 wt: 1260

BW 1.2 WW 47 YW 93 M 24.3 TM 48

Double Red, 3 rd Generation PLD

Wow what a bull! The Payday/Laredo cross is explosive! Here is a moderate framed, double red, deep ribbed, wide topped, smooth made bull with tonnes of hair. Cheques in the Mail 948W shows the consistent Payday body type that you have come to expect. His mother, Buffy had a very successful show career for us winning many different shows. If you are looking for a herdbull to take your operation to the next level, take a look at this outstanding individual. ADG: 4.20 WPDA: 4.19.

NMF 849U


SDC Laredo X JWK 7J (Raven)

10 April 2008

BW 2.6 WW 46 YW 82 M 15.7 TM 39

Red, 3 rd generation PLD

BW: 100 205 DW: 807 lbs.


Here is a tan 2 year old that we retained last year to breed some first calvers. His mother has always given us a red calf so he should sire those tan calves that are in high demand in the industry.


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