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BW 80 lbs. Sept 19 WW 1010 lbs.

BW 1.6 WW 50 YW 91 M 21.1 TM 46




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BW 97 lbs. Sept 19 WW 990 lbs.

BW 1.0 WW 44 YW 80 M 21.8 TM 44





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BW 98 lbs. Sept 19 WW 963 lbs.

BW 0.5 WW 37 YW 65 M 23.1 TM 42






Born: Feb.15/14     BW: 105   Jan.31/15: 1355

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EPD’s: 4.3, 54, 102, 22.6, 50

-a homo polled Pastor son out of a Red Smoke daughter that goes back to the Dusty cow family from Gerrard Cattle Co. His mother was the high selling cow in the 2013 Gerrard Cattle Co fall sale and is a beautiful cow with a perfect udder. Bishop has impressed us since birth. He is structurally sound, good boned & footed, with a great hair coat. He should come in well over 1400lbs at 12 months of age. Watch for him on the show road in 2015.


A sample of our 2014 born bull crop and available in the spring of 2015. Bulls sired by Revelation and Firewater. Some of these bulls will be consigned to the 2015 Source for Success Bull Sale, March 28, 2015 in Indian River, Ont. For more info see updates to our Sale page.

2012 Pasture pictures and Video

Born: Jan.7/12  BW: 80lbs  Sept.10/12: 1047lbs
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EPD's: 0.6 42 70 18.5 40
-Firewater x Wonderstruck 12W

-Medonte Wonderstruck won her class at the Royal as a calf and again as a yearling. She had her first calf at 22 months (a Freedom bull calf), backed herself up another month to calve out Firestruck 3Z at 33 months of age, and due to calve again to Firewater in early Jan 2013.

-Firestruck has calving ease, amazing performance, and tremendous scrotal development to give him herdsire qualities.

-Tested TT for Leptin
Born: Jan.13/12  BW: 100lbs  Sept.10/12: 875lbs
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EPD's: 3.3 44 76 19.1 41

-Firewater x Wishful Thinking 7W (see dam on Female page)

-His dam was our 2yr old show cow last year.

-His granddam is the DBAR Ms Freedom 606S cow.

Born: Mar.8/12 BW: 105lbs Sept.10/12: 792lbs
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EPD's: 3.5 42 73 21.3 42

-Firewater x DBAR Ms Freedom 606S

-Not all herdsire prospects have a picture perfect dam but Firepower 14Z does!

Born: Mar.12/12 BW: 100lbs  Sept.10/12: 750lbs
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EPD's: 4.6 44 79 20.5 43
-Firewater x What About Me 10W

-Soggy made and easy doing

2011 Royal