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Plan to view photos of our females coming summer 2021!

How do you prepare your replacement heifers for breeding season? 
Our heifers get vaccinated in the fall with a BVD and a blackleg vaccine and again at least 30 days prior to breeding. We make sure we feed plenty of mineral,
and have them in adequate body condition to ensure they are ready to breed. 2 weeks prior to breeding we administer estrumate followed with a second dose 11 days later.
The heifers are then split into groups of 6-10 head and placed with a bull, in 3 days they should all cycle. We achieve near 85% conception rates with this method.
Getting the heifers to calve early gives them the maximum opportunity to rebreed for the following year.

How do you prepare your MATURE females for breeding season?  
Our mature cows only go through the processing chute once a year, usually around late October. At this time, they will receive a 4 way BVD vaccine, scourboss 9 and ivomec.
Aside from that we just try and make sure they are in nice condition and on a good mineral package.

What are your go to calving season tips/tricks?
We do our very best to keep the barn clean and dry to limit naval infections.
We generally select bulls with more calving ease (this does not mean low birth weight, this means calving ease) because Matthew is calving a large number of cows primarily on his own. It is labor intensive to be helping cows calve, not to mention the affects dystocia has on calf health and on the cows return to estrus.





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