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Feel free to drop by for a visit. We welcome your inspection of our bull pen! Our bulls are not pushed,
we have targeted 3 lbs/day with a silage based ration. They have been raised with longevity in mind.

Rammer Huckleberry 8H

BW 90 • Smooth Polled
DOB: Jan 14, 2020

CE 9.6 | BW -1.9 | WW 44.YW 88 | Milk 22 | MTL 44

 TTSS 5C x HRJ Canadian Gold 518C

In the market for a heifer bull? Well look no further! Huckleberry is an impressive first calf out of a heifer with a beautiful udder and the 5C bull who we have being using in our heifer pen for 4 years. Huckleberry is smooth polled and will provide you with ample growth while maintaining a low birth weight.


Rammer Hondo 19H

CE 4.3 | BW 3.9 | WW 55 | YW 101 | Milk 14 | MTL 42

BW 108 • Smooth Polled
DOB: Jan 19, 2020

JWX Downtown 7C x HTA Conrad 248z

Hondo was orphaned in May but you would never know that to look at him. He catches your eye when you enter the bull pen with his length of spine, depth of body and good disposition. Hondo will sire the type of calves that are highly sought after by order buyers.


Rammer Hercules 20H

CE 0.5 | BW 4.0 | WW 52 | YW 96 | Milk 19 | MTL 45

BW 115 • DOB: January 21, 2020

 Elder’s Honcho 72E x HTA Marcus 987W

Here is our pick of the pen! He is sired by the 2018 Ag Ex and Agribition Champion Charolais Bull. Hercules has been a stand out all summer long, easy made, lots of hair and a great disposition. On top of that he is out of a no miss cow who has several females producing in our herd. This bull has all the features to make him your next herd sire.




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