March 20, 2023
Tri-N Charolais Farms 8th Annual Bull Sale

2:00 p.m. - at the farm, Lenore, MB

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8th Annual Tri-N Charolais
Farms Bull Sale!
Welcome to the 8th Annual TRI-N Charolais Farms bull sale!
The number says 8 but its our 38th year in business!
Every day on this earth one can be thankful for your blessings. When you love what you do and work with people with similar values as yourself, it makes it even more of a blessing.

I’m truly lucky to have my dad (Mervin) as a mentor in this business and how he got myself involved at a young age.  I remember being an awkward 12-year-old boy watching the 2000 Yellowhead Bull Test Station Sale in Neepawa where dad had the lead off “Banner Bull” with a calf I helped bottle feed.  After seeing “Hot Rocks” sell I thought... "If only I could do this someday! Selling bulls is fun!  What would I do with a whole $6500??  Dad must be rich!"
Fast forward close to 2.5 decades and dad still isn’t rich (and neither am I)!  I have purchased the purebred cows after a lifetime of work from Mom & Dad and the bulls are mine.  I’m very excited and honored to have been given this opportunity and take our operation to the next generation and level.

To all of you, our customers, and friends (far and wide), I’d like to thank you all for the strong patronage throughout the years.  It’s you that keeps us in business.  There’s a few of you that have been customers of ours for over 30 years! It is very humbling.  If you are new, I always enjoy meeting you all and I hope our cattle work well for you. Be sure to introduce yourself sale day.
In addition to our usual offering of yearlings, there will be a nice offering of powerful 2-year-old Charolais bulls.  Our operation was built by selling 2-year-old bulls to the PFRA government pastures in the 80s and 90s.  These bulls are not leftovers and were hand selected to be held over last November.  They have never been offered for sale until now.  They were grown out last winter, grazed on a quarter section all summer and brought in during the fall.

We are proud to offer you some of the most information that you will find in a bull sale catalogue to aid you in making your selection.  The bulls in this sale have been sire verified through Quantum Genetix, have full carcass data, homo polled testing and the testing for the diluter gene in our homo red cattle. Complete performance data (BW, ADJ 205 and ADJ 365) is also provided.  These bulls will be semen tested and READY TO WORK!

New this year we’d like to welcome First Class Marketing (Darnell Fornwald), Ryan Hurlburt (Auctioneer), Dory Gerrard, Kolton McIntosh, and Justin Carvey to our sales staff! All are professionals in the business and are some of the best people you will find.

We hope to see you sale day. Bring your children to the sale as that might mean early retirement! I know it worked for dad.

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