Pro-Char Captain Morgan x TRI-N Buffy (TRI-N Payday)

Homo Polled, Homo Red.

2014 Canadian National Reserve Junior Champion Bull. A bull we are extremely proud to of raised. As we owned the sire and raised his mother we knew he was going to be great! Captain Morgan holds the record on our farm for the highest weaning weight ever recorded here (1060 lbs on October 1). As a yearling many perspective buyers came to purchase him with the question, “Is he in the sale?” Our answer was simple “NOPE!!” What a great decision we made! Captain Morgan stamps his calves by all being polled and red and having his extreme depth of body and his “kitty cat” temperament.

CE: 95 (Top 15%) BW: -3.2 (Top 3%) WW: 60 (Top 2%) YW: 111 (Top 2%) M: 23.9 (Top 25%) TM: 54 (Top 2%)

NMF 507C - Captain Morgan son

NMF 517C - Captain Morgan son


FFBB Red Buckle x Beaver Creek Ginger (Dim Creek Revenue)

Homo Polled, Red

Our newest addition and a bull that has a bright future here! When our former sale partners Beaver Creek Charolais dispersed their herd in 2013 we happened to be looking for a new calving ease bull to use predominately in our heifer pen. After watching how successful Gord was in marketing the FFBB Red Buckle sons throughout the years we figured we would grab the opportunity and purchase his best son. His first sons were well received in our 2016 bull sale.

CE: 98 (Top 15%) BW: -4.3 (Top 3%) WW: 36 (Top 2%) YW: 69 (Top 2%) M: 20.6 (Top 25%) TM: 39 (Top 2%)


LAE WICHITA 911W x TWN Sable 33S (Rockland Nolan)

A bull with incredible EPD’s that has proven himself in our herd. Here’s a bull that clawed his way to the top from starting in our commercial herd to becoming our predominant herdsire in our last 2 bull sales. Yangster sired the high selling bulls the last 2 years. He is a bull that offers extreme growth without sacrificing calving ease. Watch for his sons this year they are impressive!

CE: 95 (Top 15%) BW: -1.0 (Top 15%) WW: 74 (Top 1%) YW: 153 (Top 1%) M: 13.9 TM: 51 (Top 10%)

NMF 573B - Yangster son


HVA Upstate (Whitecap Justice) x LAE Paragon 404P, Outcross Genetics

BW: 96 lbs. March 29/2013 wt: 2595 lbs. Sc: 46 cm



We are very proud to have selected this breed legend from K-Cow Ranch to walk our pastures!! Xplorer 21X was the hottest bull of the 2012 show season being undefeated and awarded:

-2012 Canadian Boss Showbull of the year!!
-2012 Canadian Western Agribition Champion Charolais Bull
-2012 RBC Supreme Top 10 Finalist, Canadian Western Agribition (Only Charolais Bull to do so)
-2012 Edmonton Farmfair Champion Charolais Bull
-Maternal brother was the 2012 Senior Champion Charolais Bull Calf at Canadian Western Agribition.

Thanks to Myona Charolais and Steve Martin for purchasing the Australian Semen rights. Contact us for semen inquiries.


Past Herdsires

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½ French, Outcross Genetics

Silverstream Performer x KCH Malibu 1M (Baldridge Fasttrack)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 2.9 WW: 56 YW: 99 M: 17.9 TM: 46

Prefix was one of the most talked about bulls in the industry in the spring of 2012 when 2/3 interest topped the Cattlemans Classic 2012 Bull Sale at $37,000 selling to Vikse Family Farm, Donalda AB. This lead him to become the high selling Charolais bull in Canada that spring. Prefix is truly an outstanding bull with incredible hair, muscle, structural soundness all in an eye appealing package. We are anxiously awaiting his first calf crop in the spring of 2013!

KCM 1M - dam of 54Y

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July 2012

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Harvie Redemption 36P x EFH Daisy Mae 30J (GXR Mr. Carlo)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 0.7 WW: 44 YW: 84 M: 23.1 TM: 45

Captain Morgan is truly a breed legend and is our main walking herdsire here at TRI-N. He is arguably one of the deepest, soundest footed red factor bulls in the industry. Captain Morgan created a buzz in the spring of 2012 when 10 sons averaged $6890 with a high of $20,000 at the Pro-Char Bull Sale. Watch for his first sons in the spring of 2012, they are impressive!!

Dam of Captain Morgan

Son of Captain Morgan

High Selling Red Factor Bull in Canada 2013! Son of Captain Morgan

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Exclusif x Silverstream Houghty H83E (Coat Lezard)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 4.0 WW: 59 YW: 97 M: 7.3 TM: 37

Full French, New Zealand Outcross

Known as the “million dollar bull” in Australia and New Zealand this full French bull has been causing quite the stir there and now in Canada! In the spring of 2012 his son, Prefix topped the Cattlemans Classic Bull Sale at $37,000 which went on to being the high selling bull in Canada that spring.

Performer is a total outcross to all of the pedigrees in North America. When the chance came up to become part of this legend we jumped on it. Performer consistently sires easy doing, deep bodied offspring with lots of performance and excellent conformation. He will be a large part of our breeding program for the years to come.

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SOS Crimson Tide 97S x TRI-N Easy Girl 95T (SDC Laredo 17N)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 0.8 WW: 35 YW: 83 M: 23.4 TM: 41

After losing his sire (Crimson Tide) to injury the spring of 2010 we retained Tidal Wave to walk in his fathers footsteps. We are very impressed with the job he is doing so far!! Tidal wave consistently sires thick stocky calves with low birth weights and great feet and legs. Watch for our Tidal Wave calves in next years bull sale!!

NMF 69Y - son of 960W

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Homozygous Red

Pleasant Dawn Volcano 3T x KCH Redneck Girl 57R (SDC Laredo 17N)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: -0.6 WW: 42 YW: 79 M: 23.8 TM: 45

In the spring of 2011 we were in search of a homozygous red, calving ease bull to use on our heifers and we found Whistler. Whistler has been everything we expected and more. He has proven himself to be a very easy calver and consistently sires calves with vigour. Whistler is possibly homozygous polled as all calves have been polled to date.


Val-End Appraiser 4J x TRI-N Prairie Rosebud 37S (TRI-N Payday 419P)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: -2.9 WW: 47 YW: 62 M: 27.0 TM: 50

Cracker Jack topped the Cattlemans Classic Bull Sale in 2009 selling for $12,000 to Valleys End Ranch and Bremner Charolais. He was admired for his depth, incredible length and overall fullness of his loin and hind quarter. Not to mention the incredible calving ease that he possessed. Over the last several years we have Ai’d many heifers to him and have had minimal calving difficulties.

The bottom side of his pedigree consists of one of the most predictable cow families on our farm with his mother and grandmother both being in the top 1% of the breed for milk. Cracker Jacks mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother are still in the herd today. Two full brothers sold to Steele Ranches and Cleveland Charolais in South Dakota. Cracker Jack is now working at Wells Charolais in South Dakota.


MGM Merlot (US Outcross) x P-3 Lady Perfect 6-146F (LHD Mr. Perfect Y416)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 1.0 WW: 24 YW: 77 M: 19.8 TM: 32

Crimson Tide may be one of the best purchases we ever made here at TRI-N. One word that comes to mind when describing the Crimson Tide calves CONSISTANTCY!! His sons have found steady demand throughout the years in our bull sale. We unfortunately lost Crimson Tide due to injury in the spring of 2010. His daughters and our herdbull Tidal Wave will carry his legacy on.

NMF 817U, Crimson Tide son


SDC Progress 16M x TRI-N Great Astroid 49G (McCorr Monte Carlo)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 1.9 WW: 49 YW: 85 M: 25.2 TM: 50

Payday 419P walked our pastures for 6 breeding seasons and left a big mark on our program. Whether it was a sold out bull pen or the incredible females he sired he was an all around good bull. Watch for his legacy to carry on through his females!!

Tri-N Payday 419P Co-owned with Big Oak Charolais, Ochre River, MB.

Tri-N Prairie Rosebud 37S, Payday daughter

TRI-N Pablo 187T, Payday son

2004 & 2005 Manitoba Livestock Expo Grand Champion Bull!


Moores Lariet x Hillview Bonanza

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: 1.2 WW: 47 YW: 94 M: 25.9 TM: 50

Laredo definitely had a huge impact on our herd throughout the years. Purchased through the San Dan Charolais Bull Sale in Alberta in 2004 he sired 5 sold out bull pens in a row. Laredo sons were stamped with incredible width and hind quarter and great length of body. According to the Canadian Charolais Association, 166 progeny have been registered in 7 herds throughout Canada.

Besides being a breeding legend Laredo was selected the Grand Champion Charolais Bull at the Manitoba Livestock Expo 2 years in a row, the first Charolais bull to do that!!!

NMF 102T, Laredo son

NMF 813U, Laredo son


4-L Unlimited YL13 x TRI-N Xlassy Polled 5X (Beaver Creek Uxkay 87U)

EPD’s (Fall 2012): BW: -4.6 WW: 33 YW: 55 M: 27.9 TM: 44

Jammer is truly the cornerstone of the TRI-N herd. He was known as a “female maker” and was one of the quietest animals to ever walk the farm. His dam produced until the age of 14. He bred both our entire commercial heifer pen alongside with several purebreds until the spring of 2006 when he got injured. We never had any calving problems to date.

NMF 253M - Super Jammer daughter

Son of Jammer


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